Ramsden Steel Drums and Whale Pallets Limited

Steel drum reconditioning recycling re-use disposal

Giving old drums a new lease of life

Since 1954, Ramsden and Whale Limited has been at the forefront of steel drum reconditioning in the United Kingdom, delivering an array of services to customers nationwide.

Our reconditioning process transforms used steel drums into reusable, quality containers. Reconditioned drums offer a cost-effective alternative to new ones, catering to customers who prioritize affordability over the need for pristine new steel drums.

Reconditioned drums are a recycled product, and may exhibit minor imperfections as part of their nature. In order to empower customers with greater control over these variations, we have implemented a comprehensive grading system tailored to accommodate the unique requirements of every customer.

We provide a diverse array of colours and customisation options. As a licensed waste management site, we bring over 60 years of expertise to the forefront in the management, recycling, and disposal of hazardous waste.