Ramsden Steel Drums and Whale Pallets Limited

New 210L steel drums

Ramsden Steel Drums has a range of options available to customise 210L steel drums to your exact requirements.

Take a look at the range of options below, or get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Customise your 210L steel drums

Build a drum to your exacting requirements by taking note of some of the available customisation we provide for 210L drums.

Tight head drums

Tight head drums do not have a removable lid - the lid is welded to the body of the drum.

The contents are filled or removed through a 2" or 3/4" closure which is fixed into the top of the drum.

Open top drums

Open top drums are drums where the lid is removable, and is held in place by a metal locking ring.

The lid can be solid, or can have 2" and 3/4" closures.

UN approved

UN approved drums meet the standards and measures required for transportation throughout the UN, and are each printed with a UN identification number.

Non-UN approved

Non-UN drums do not need to meet the same standards, and do not need to be printed with UN numbers.

Lacquer lined

Lacquer lined drums are lined inside with a premium lacquer, ordinarily required when the contents of the drum are corrosive or likely to cause rust.

Plain interior

Plain interior drums do not have a lining and the product used will be exposed to the plain steel on the inside of the drum.

One colour

We can print your 210L drums in a range of colours. Get in touch with our team to discover your options.

Dual colour

We can also dual colour your drums, with the option of having either the top and bottom, top and middle or bottom and middle drum bands being the same colour.

Screen printing

We can print your logo or branding on either the top or center drum bands. These can be printed in a number of colours.

Clips, bungs and vents

Finally, we offer a multitude of bungs, vented caps and clips to meet your drum requirements. We stock these in a variety of colours to compliment your branding and drum design.

Now you have some understanding of what you might need,

call or email us to discuss the next steps.